How might we better leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart technologies to improve airmen's lives in the area of health and wellness to start to improve the Air Force's personnel readiness, scheduling, and time management during physical fitness testing and back-end reporting/monitoring?

This design sprint was concerned with improving the accuracy and outcomes of fitness tests for Air Force personnel in order to create a truly ready force.

Airmen collaborating at the Cyberworx event


The sprint's participants consisted of military members from a wide range of units around the Air Force and industry partners from six different companies.

The participants were divided into six groups with mixed military, civilian, and industry representatives. Groups could consider any aspects of the Air Force fitness assessment program; but, were required to consider the problem from the perspective of the end user.

Proposed Solutions

The group's solutions were narrowed down into three categories:

  1. Autonomous Query Tool: Allows users and leadership to gather relevant, real-time data through an open Application Programming Interface that allows multiple IT systems and software applications to exchange data to quickly answer queries.
  2. Commander's Dashboard: Gives commanders a centralized report on their airmen's fitness, allowing them to meet deployment requirements and maintain unit readiness.
  3. Improved Airman Fitness:
    • Create a database that will work with an app and wearable devices to gather personalized fitness information for airmen and their Fitness Managers.
    • Perform random fitness tests to encourage members to stay fit at all times.
    • Create programs that use game motivation, incentives, and rewards to cultivate the Reserve community and increase members' motivation for fitness readiness.
    • Staff a Health and Wellness Center (or similar program) to increase the resources for health promotions, healthy living, and improved fitness levels.



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