Commercial Solutions for Classified – Virtual Design Sprint

Commercial Solutions for Classified
Virtual Design Sprint


Problem Statement:

How might we identify feasible commercial solutions that adequately supports classified information exchange?

Event Description

47  government and industry experts came together 10 to 14 August 2020 for a virtual tech discovery event exploring the feasibility of Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC). Participants looked at solutions for environments that would greatly benefit from access to classified information in unclassified settings such as:

      • Areas that do not have access to classified data
      • Lack of access due to facility closures and hours
      • Missions that would be more effective if they had access to classified systems


They discussed overcoming the challenges caused by technical, user, and insider threat difficulties to allow collaboration with foreign partners and improve continuity of operations. Some of the objectives they reached for included:

      • Allowing access while on the move or working from a different location
      • Secure use of personal devices, regardless of location
      • Easy information exchange setup
      • Small device footprint


AF CyberWorx brought the group together to inform and educate government personnel on the efficacy of CSfC and identify some roadblocks to progressing. The goal was to enable follow-on discussions and events to further support the implementation of CSfC within the Air Force and joint communities.