Early Warning Radar Sustainment

Early Warning Radar Sustainment
Virtual Tech Discovery Event

22, 24, and 26 June 2020


AF CyberWorx hosted a virtual tech discovery event on 22, 24, and 26 June 2020 for ACC. Government participants defined existing challenges and had technology discussions with 10 (please verify) companies with early warning radar expertise. Stakeholders are seeking cost-effective alternatives to extend the serviceable life of the radar systems to continue to fulfill their mission.

Participants explored form, fit, and function advancements, remote management capabilities, new sensor technology, power generation, and survivability/maintainability in extreme environments among other topics. AF CyberWorx led the government participants through a human-centered design session to accurately identify all users, their needs and challenges, and the desired capabilities from the users’ perspectives.

Problem Statement:

“How might we be able to sustain the early warning capability for at least the next 20 years?”