For Industry

Industry Collaboration

It goes without saying that commercial projects move forward far faster than the pace of most government projects. That’s why we want you to become one of our invaluable industry participant.

With the help of industry expertise, you can co-collaborate with Airmen, sharing the most up-to-date industry methods, encouraging agility, speed and non-traditional, outside-the-box thinking. Even if you believe your field of expertise is not aligned with the project at hand, as an outsider your unique perspective will bring tremendous value to the work being done.


Having commercial partners with expertise in diverse fields allows us to identify problems and leverage ideas in ways that are both cost-effective and feasible.

Your depth of experience means the Air Force can quickly determine areas of concern and implement solutions with state-of-the-art technologies.

In many cases, mere exposure to industry perspectives can move the Air Force forward more quickly.

The Role of Industry

You will be co-designing solutions for the warfighter’s problem, using design thinking as part of a collaborative team of military, academic, and industry participants.

This collaborative design environment is especially useful for rapidly moving forward and scaling ideas to quickly overcome challenges facing our airmen at a lower cost up front.

We focus on failing fast to succeed sooner with diverse ideation and rapid prototyping methods.

Qualities of Industry Partners


Please remember that being an Industry Participant is not a sales opportunity. Your role will be to participate as a member of a team and contribute ideas for potential solutions while learning and using a variety of design techniques, not to try to sell the other participants or stakeholders a product or service.