Since 2016, Air Force CyberWorx has led almost 70 major events incorporating the expertise of approximately 450 industry leaders to solve some of our most complex problems. AF CyberWorx works closely with Catalyst Campus to recruit industry and academia for events. Diversity of experiences, backgrounds, and disciplines combined with AF CyberWorx’s human-centered design processes have consistently produced improved critical thinking, novel ideas, and better capabilities for the warfighter.

Industry Leading UX

  • Premier UX and Design for DAF challenges
  • Invested in innovation and solving DAF issues
  • Average value per event $150K
  • Classified capability
Air Force combat training
U.S. Air Force Gen. Herbert “Hawk” Carlisle

Air Force Aligned Priorities

  • USAFA SME of 140 PhDs, 4K cadets, research
  • Furthering innovation culture and ecosystem
  • Speed from discovery to prototype with CONS CSO/OT
  • Connecting similar challenges across DAF

Industry/Academia Expertise

  • Industry participants attend at no cost to government
  • Value of $4.2M of industry expertise
  • Industry collaborative prototype and test capabilities
industry collaboration

Innovation Success

“AF CyberWorx was able to make more progress in three days than the command has in 61 years.”

— Maj Gen Angela Cadwell, NORAD-US NORTHCOM J6