Fall 2018 – Spring 2019


The 21st Airlift Wing incorporated a more analytical and data-driven approach to training documentation and created an in-house Microsoft Access database called OPTIMIS to capture instructor evaluations on student pilot performance. The cadet project set out to update the program to meet user needs and overcome the limitations of an Access database program.


The design project included cadets from USAFA with input from Airmen and government civilians from the 21st Airlift Squadron at Travis AFB. Through user research, the project team determined OPTIMIS 2.0 needed to be a mobile app that supports Instructor Pilots over the duration of multi-day, cross-country routes flown by mobility pilots to decrease the time between a test flight and when the evaluation is captured and entered into the system.  Considerations included:

  • Accessibility and use on government-issued iPads
  • Ideally, use AWS GovCloud to allow real-time FOUO inputs
  • Facilitate personalized feedback
  • Provide individualized instructional recommendations
  • Track performance against a peer group
  • Inform upgrade decision making
  • Provide quality control of the instructor force


By the end of the project, cadets had completed a mid-quality prototype ready for a second round of usability testing at Travis AFB. Since then, AF CyberWorx has continued with usability testing, iterative design, and development.