Event Overview

Date: October 17, 2019

Air Force Academy inventors will showcase their technology to parties interested in licensing, development, or other partnership opportunities. Come discover ways to grow your business, partner with the Air Force, and commercialize products that were developed for our warfighters.

This Showcase will highlight the Fast Rope Insertion System, developed in the Department of Engineering and Mechanics.


The U.S. Air Force Academy Research Office is partnering with C-TRAC to put on a Technology Transfer and Transition (T3) Showcase, sponsored by Air Force CyberWorx.

Why license Government IP?

  • Benefit from technology developed using government money and resources
  • Grow your small business using a less capital-intensive pathway
  • Add technology developed for potential government customers to your portfolio

Who should come?

  • Companies and entrepreneurs looking to grow their business
  • Manufacturing and Engineering companies who want to develop collaborative relationships with the Air Force
  • Members of academia with overlapping research interests


Fast Rope Insertion System

The Department of Mechanics and Engineering re-thought the Fast Rope Insertion System used by Special Ops, Search and Rescue, and Law Enforcement and created a prototype that eliminates most of the injuries caused by fast roping, brakes, and allows multiple people to descend at once


If you are interested in this event or licensing the Fast Rope Insertion System, email Victoria Mann (victoria.mann@c-trac.org).