Upcoming Projects

Upcoming Projects

Project BRAVO Hackathon: Canary Release

Event Dates: 18-22 July 2022
Event Locations: Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Virginia; Patrick Space Force Base, Florida; and Eglin Air Force Base, Florida

The purpose of the BRAVO hackathon series is to gather engineers, data scientists, and product managers from industry, academia, and government to build emergent capabilities with operational data, such as data-driven target acquisition and cognitive electronic warfare, with mentorship and visibility from senior DoD leaders.

CCTI, in partnership with AF CyberWorx, is seeking members from Industry and Academia who have expertise and technology that can help the Department of the Air Force explore and understand complex data sets and envision possible solutions.

Event goals and objectives are to:

    1. Validate rapid development in a cloud-based environment across multiple bases, military departments and classifications on operational data use cases
    2. Provide a new way for American companies and individuals to partner with DoD to build capabilities
    3. Generalize the BRAVO development model to enable future scaling to partner military departments, combatant commands, USG agencies, and US partners and allies

We are looking for individuals with expertise in the following areas: Engineering, Coding, Data Science, UX, Data Visualization, and Product Management.

Application Deadline: 17 June 2022

ACC A6 17x Talent Management

Event Date(s): July 2022
Event Location: AF CyberWorx Studio, U.S. Air Force Academy, CO

AF CyberWorx is hosting a design sprint for the United States Air Combat Command A6 to find possible solutions to the following question:

How might Air Combat Command best leverage training, experience, and education data for Cyber Officers to empower talent management decisions? Specific objectives include the ability to:

    1. Collect, retain, maintain, and evolve information on requisite skills for Cyber Officer billets
    2. See the complete picture of available offerings and individual knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs)
    3. Identify gaps and overlaps talents, skills, education, and training

Air Combat Command (ACC)/ A6 and Air Force CyberWorx are collaborating on a design thinking event to help identify and document gaps, duplicative efforts, and opportunities within cyberspace operations training & education (T&E) for 17X officers.

We are seeking industry and academic partners involved in education and/or curriculum development of cyber courses with experience in process/programs, technology, best practices, and future planning.

Application Deadline: 17 June 2022

Project Cobalt Design Sprint

Sponsored by NORAD and USNORTHCOM to tackle the problem of data fusion across domains. Experts in industry will work alongside members of the U.S. Military and Government to give the project both experienced and fresh perspectives to answer the following question:

How might we integrate cyber intelligence data into the cyberspace operations ecosystem to improve cyberspace operations and intelligence analysis for the NORAD and USNORTHCOM (and all of DoD) missions?

Missile Warning Design Sprint

We are hosting a design sprint in support of NORAD/NORTHCOM and the Pathfinder Program office as they examine the missile warning system. Next Gen Architecture in the air domain has a lot to offer the Air Force by way of increased collaboration and data, decreased complexity, and removing redundant efforts. This effort continues the Air Force’s dedication to constantly improve its capabilities in a rapidly evolving global environment.

How might we improve and fuse data for the N/NC missile warning system to integrate with Next Gen Architecture?