USAFA Strong – Design Sprint

USAFA Strong
Design Sprint

*Applications closed for Industry Participation

July 2020

Design Problem

How might we increase cadet connection to the USAFA mental health support structure?


Air Force CyberWorx is supporting a cadet-led project at the U.S. Air Force Academy (USAFA) to identify opportunities to foster inter-connectedness, expand cadet engagement opportunities with support organizations, and increase the mental health of cadets at USAFA.

The U.S. Air Force Academy is a premier higher-education establishment and officer training program that challenges cadets with rigorous academics, physical, and military training activities to build the military leaders of tomorrow.

Already a high-pressure environment, rapid shifts in programs and daily life  to maintain  safety  during  the   coronavirus  pandemic  have  further  challenged  building  cohesiveness, community, and esprit de corps.  These circumstances underscore the need for a robust support system and mental health resources for cadets.

With support from USAFA Senior Leadership and AF CyberWorx, a group of cadets self-formed and are leading the #USAFAStrong initiative as a summer research project. The cadets will examine all aspects of connection and building mental health from peer support, to enabling technologies, and integration with existing support and services.  AF CyberWorx will assist the cadets using a human-centered design approach to ensure the problem is fully understood and solutions meet the needs of all cadets.

Industry Participation

C-TRAC, as a Partnership Intermediary for AF CyberWorx under 15 USC 3715, is facilitating this effort by identifying industry partners who desire to lend their expertise to this important discussion and contribute to viable solutions.