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Air Force CyberWorx is a United States Air Force unit that solves operational problems by collaborating with government, industry, and academic experts through intentional human-centered design activities.  We work with our stakeholders to quickly design and develop creative solutions that solve problems for the warfighters who need them the most.

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Upcoming Projects:

Project Cobalt Design Sprint
Sponsored by NORAD and USNORTHCOM to tackle the problem of data fusion across domains. Experts in industry will work alongside members of the U.S. Military and Government to give the project both experienced and fresh perspectives to answer the following question:

How might we integrate cyber intelligence data into the cyberspace operations ecosystem to improve cyberspace operations and intelligence analysis for the NORAD and USNORTHCOM (and all of DoD) missions?

Missile Warning Design Sprint
We are hosting a design sprint in support of NORAD/NORTHCOM and the Pathfinder Program office as they examine the missile warning system. Next Gen Architecture in the air domain has a lot to offer the Air Force by way of increased collaboration and data, decreased complexity, and removing redundant efforts. This effort continues the Air Force’s dedication to constantly improve its capabilities in a rapidly evolving global environment.

How might we improve and fuse data for the N/NC missile warning system to integrate with Next Gen Architecture?

616 OC Convergence Design Sprint
Design Sprint
Winter 2021

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Industry participants develop their relationships with Air Force personnel while building their network with other subject-matter experts.



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We are looking for problems that directly affect Airmen with the room to develop innovative solutions that would result in more lethal and effective warfighters.  

We are looking for problems that directly affect Airmen with the room to develop innovative solutions that would result in more lethal and effective warfighters. 

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We are pleased to partner with four nonprofits through Partnership Intermediary Agreements.  These partnerships are critical to our mission of delivering the most impactful, user-focused solutions to our warfighters.

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On 26 Jan., Mr. Jeff Biller, AF CyberWorx team member and Air Force Academy Associate Professor of Cyber Law/Policy, will host Professor Frans von der Dunk for a discussion on "The Legal Status of Military Space Objects". To attend the webinar, use: https://t.co/fflWMoENvp. https://t.co/W22j5Oub6e AFCyberWorx photo

AF CyberWorx Senior UX/AI Analyst, Mr. Larry Marine, presented User Experience (UX) 101 Principles to USAFA Cadets this week and educated Cadets on UX fundamentals and how Human-Centered Design (HCD) efforts support end-users. #USAFA #designthinking #Innovation #HCD https://t.co/Hc4l42YxTC SprintbaseB photo