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We Collaborate Across all Air Force Domains

AF CyberWorx brings experts from industry and academia into our problem discovery and problem solving. State-of-the-art experience from diverse fields outside the government can kick-start agility, speed, and outside-the-box thinking within the Air Force.

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Our partnerships

How We Bring Experts Together

Catalyst Campus for Technology and Innovation (CCTI) is the Partnership Intermediary (PIA) that has supported the AF CyberWorx mission since the inception of the program.

Founded in 2015, CCTI is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization headquartered in downtown Colorado Springs. CCTI was founded with the vision to be a mission-focused collaboration and innovation ecosystem for Private Industry, Academia/Non-Profit, and Government.

Our goal as an organization and trusted partner of AF Cyberworx is to help bridge the gap between industry, academia, and the government and help move the mission forward, faster. We rely on the expertise of our partners to integrate novel and emerging technologies into the warfighter to protect those that protect us.

AF CyberWorx is an innovation lab focused on optimizing products, processes, and policies using Human-Centered Design best practices. We run problem-solving workshops for AF stakeholders and users to solve complex problems.

Our Partnership Intermediary (CCTI) recruits subject matter experts from industry and Academia to participate in these workshops to provide the government insight into industry road maps and relevant research to help the Air Force “solve forward.”

We have a range of authorities such as Other Transaction Authority, Commercial Solutions Openings, SBIR/STTR, Broad Agency Announcements, and Cooperative Research and Development Agreements to accelerate prototyping and development of the solutions developed during workshops.

Industry and Academic workshop participants are eligible to respond to solicitations addressing the challenges they helped solve.

AF CyberWorx is housed at and partners with the United States Air Force Academy.

The Defense Innovation Ecosystem has begun to mature over the last five years. There are organizations such as AFWERX focused on grass-roots innovation at the wing level, providing internships and fellowships to immerse Airmen in Innovation, and providing the financial infrastructure for industry to bring best of breed to the DAF for adoptions.

The Defense Innovation Unit is aggregating DoD requirements and engaging with industry with acquisition tools that mirror business-to-business agreements to move fast and accelerate technology development and adoption. There are Partnership Intermediaries such as STRIKEWERX and SOFWERX providing a front door to engage with industry in a unique way to identify pathways and solutions for government consideration. Software factories such as Kessel Run, BESPIN, and Space Camp have emerged to quickly develop and deliver software to the warfighter using modern development practices. Tools such as GAIN, VISION, and HOLODECK have created better tracking and visibility of innovation initiatives and allowed leadership to align funding to high-priority efforts.

Tesseract is addressing innovation for the broader logistics community from the HAF level, and Project ARC is sending engineers to bases across the DAF to quickly develop and deliver solutions to hard problems. Collectively, we are igniting the passion of the warfighter to identify and champion innovation. Innovation cells must begin to self-organize and create pathways for efficient “hand-offs” between organizations to accelerate change.

AF CyberWorx is an innovation lab focused on optimizing products, processes, and policies using Human-Centered Design best practices. We link our innovation process with a range of acquisition instruments and agreements such as Other Transaction Authority, Commercial Solutions Openings, SBIR/STTR, Broad Agency Announcements, and Cooperative Research and Development Agreements to accelerate prototyping and development. We can help DAF units solve problems quickly and accelerate adoption.

The Madera Cyber Innovation Center will offer a multi-discipline workspace at the U.S. Air Force Academy, bringing cyber partners together to collaborate, research, and investigate technologies.

Modern technologies planned for the center will optimize cyber development capabilities for cadets, AF CyberWorx, the Institute for Future Conflict, the Department of Computer and Cyber Sciences, and all other cyber-focused curriculum.

This collaborative force will attract a variety of problem solvers: cadets, industry leaders, academics, and military operators to educate, design and develop effective solutions for academia and the warfighter.

Industry engagement and integration are key to this one-of-a-kind facility. Learn more about how you can be a part of helping future Air and Space Force leaders maintain our cyber dominance.

This 44,000-square-foot facility will host nine state-of-the-art labs that are the leading edge of technology and the best for future needs of the warfighter.

CyberWorx Agile Contracting

Do you have leading-edge, commercial technology or expertise that can advance DoD capabilities?

Discover how to contract with AF CyberWorx to bring

your solution to the warfighters.

Commercial Solutions Opening (CSO)

This competitive program is used to discover solutions and new capabilities that address DoD requirements, fill capability gaps and advance the state-of-the-art. It can also be used to acquire innovative commercial products, technologies or services that fulfill program needs.


Broad Agency Announcement (BAA)

Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) focuses on the acquisition of basic and applied research and development efforts unrelated to a specific system or hardware procurement used to fulfill requirements for scientific study and experimentation directed toward advancing the state-of-the-art or increasing knowledge or understanding. These efforts must contribute to a “public good.”


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our impact

How Our Partnerships Have Made an Impact

Since 2016, Air Force CyberWorx has led almost 70 major events incorporating the expertise of approximately 450 industry leaders to solve some of our most complex problems. AF CyberWorx works closely with Catalyst Campus to recruit industry and academia for events. Diversity of experiences, backgrounds and disciplines combined with AF CyberWorx’s human-centered design processes have consistently produced improved critical thinking, novel ideas, and better capabilities for the warfighter.

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