our mission

We Design the Way Forward


Rapidly prototype solutions to Department of Air Force and Department of Defense problems by identifying and focusing on user (warfighter) needs.

oUR vision

Instill a culture of continuous problem-solving and improvement by putting the user at the forefront of every DAF initiative.

Dean of Faculty brigadier general Letendre addresses CyberWorx

65 + major Events

Average value of $150K per event, invested in innovation and solving DAF issues


Harnessing Industry Expertise

State-of-the-art experience to kick-start agility, speed, and outside-the-box thinking


Collaboration Value

Industry expertise value of $4.2M at no cost to government


Exclusive user pool

Exclusive access to USAFA SMEs of 140 PhDs, 4K cadets, research, and industry


Air Force Aligned Priorities

Events and workshops with classified capability connecting similar challenges across DAF


Stakeholder value

Furthering innovation culture and ecosystem with rapid discovery-to-prototype

How did the Air Force’s first innovation hub get its start?

AF CyberWorx Conceptualized

In 2015, the concept for AF CyberWorx was briefed to a few visionaries: Gen John Hyten, then Air Force Space Command CC, the AF CIO, Lt Gen William Bender, and Mr. Richard McConn, USAFA ’66, USAFA distinguished graduate, accomplished business leader, and senior mentor to the DHS CoI. These three championed this initiative with AF senior leadership and the Academy Foundation. Subsequently, founding documents were drafted and staffed between the Academy and AFSPC. Manpower was allocated and space was identified in the academic building for the new organization.

The AF CyberWorx concept was to harness the intellect of government, industry, and Academia to ideate and solve the Air Force’s hardest challenges in an academic environment.

USAFA staff define the future of AF CyberWorx

AF CyberWorx officially stood up in 2016. An initial cadre of active duty, reserve, and USAFA staff began defining the future organization, tackling difficult problems, and teaching classes to introduce human-centered design to cadets.

AF CyberWorx served as an early beacon and exemplar for the Air Force. As a result, public-private partnership and a focus on the human side of requirements guided the fledgling organization. An army of alums, retired senior officers, and entrepreneurs massed to support AF CyberWorx. The Air Force Academy Foundation contributed to AF CyberWorx in very significant ways. Mr. McConn assembled a Cyber Committee to raise funds for a new facility. His co-chair Mr. Paul Madera, former F-16 pilot and venture capitalist, made a significant donation that solidified the construction of the Madera Cyber Innovation Center. Maj Gen Gene Lupia provided sage counsel for the military construction process, and Mr. Brad Feldmann donated the services of an industry expert in innovation and human-centered design to advise the organization’s innovation practice through Cubic Corporation.

Renovation of the AF CyberWorx Studio

The Air Force Academy committed to a temporary space for AF CyberWorx in 2017.  Office space on the 4th and 5th floors adjacent to the library was renovated to function as the AF CyberWorx studio. The decor and furniture are similar to workspaces you see in Silicon Valley. An open, collaborative space with our signature yellow walls that allow staff and guests to capture thoughts and draw ideas on the wall in a unique environment. It simply feels different than a standard government space!

The Madera Cyber Innovation Center

The Madera Cyber Innovation Center will offer a multi-discipline workspace at the U.S. Air Force Academy, bringing cyber partners together to collaborate, research, and investigate technologies. Named after Paul Madera, a 1978 graduate, and his wife, Joan, the 44,000 square-foot facility overlooks Stillman Parade Field east of the cadet area.


Madera Cyber Innovation Center

Madera Cyber Innovation Center

Coming in 2024, our new 48,000 square-foot CyberWorx studio at the U.S. Air Force Academy will boost public-private collaboration, technology enhancements, and state-of-the-art immersive labs and maker spaces.

The Madera Cyber Innovation Center will optimize cyber projects and innovation, attracting problem solvers serving clients from academia, industry, the Department of Defense, and more.